Studio75 update

Nazir Tanbouli completed the Full Circle Project phase 1 with major shows in Egypt in the Alexandria Library and Wekalet Behna. Gillian McIver’s film Taking over the King’s Land was shown at Teatro Alexandria.

Gillian McIver completed a book on cinema and art, due out late 2015 or early 2016

Taking over the King’s Land was featured in many screenings and was in Sheffield Docfest and Portobello Film Festival. Contact us for a screening.


Nazir Tanbouli at ‘Draw to Perform’

co-founder of Studio75 NAZIR TANBOULI Egyptian born artist based in London works in drawing and painting.

Just recently he was invited to participate in DRAW TO PERFORM a symposium on drawing performance, curated by RAM SAMOCHA

the event was held at Performance Space in hackney Wick, East London

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Studio75 is alive

Maybe you popped by Studio75 on the Kingsland Estate in Laburnum st recently and discovered to your surprise (horror?) that there is just  a hole in the ground where the studio and its amazing murals used to be.

yes, the building at Hebden Court is gone…!!

but we are not

studio75 still exists. We are as active as ever, just no longer working out of a public gallery space. We might get another space in the future, but we have been busy with:

The YELLOW WALL project – regular hangings of shows of painting, drawing and photography  in a popup gallery in Hoxton. Bringing art OUT of the gallery into people’s daily lives

Nazir Tanbouli’s FULL CIRCLE project in Egypt

Gillian McIver’s  screenings of the Studio75 film TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND

and making new work

We are happy to host studio visits by appointment and are always willing to consider collaborations or curatorial projects.

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Nazir Tanbouli in Dubai UAE

Nazir Tanbouli in Dubai UAE. Naz was invited by The Domino an artist run organization similar to us., and sponsored by the British Council’s Art in Public Realm initiative.


Family Business Again

In 2011 Nazir invited painter Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Egyptian painter who is also Nazir’s uncle, to come to Studio 75 to do a painting show called Family Business

Ibrahim El Tanbouli at Studio75

Ibrahim El Tanbouli at Studio75, 2011

The Tanboulis are a family of artists, and so far the artistic gene passes from uncle to nephew. The first Tanbouli painter on record was Lotfy El Tanbouli (1919 – 1982 ), painter and one of Egypt’s foremost Egyptologists.

In 2013 they decided to do something different. Instead of each doing their own painting, they decided to work on the same picture. They produced six paintings by combining their own distinctive and different styles onto one sheet.

The show is on now at the Yellow Wall, for another 6 weeks.


The Yellow Wall is located at The Chalet Cafe, 225 – 227 Kingsland Road, E2 8AN London, UK


Ibrahim El Tanbouli

Ibrahim El Tanbouli is a well-known Egyptian artist born in Alexandria in 1954. Since 1973 he has participated in national and international art activities. He has shown in private and group exhibitions in Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Italy, Denmark, as well as the Egyptian Academy in Rome. Ibrahim represented Egypt at the Carthage Festival organized by ECUME for Mediterranean countries, Tunisia. In 2011 Ibrahim exhibited at Studio75 with Nazir in the show Family Business.

His paintings can be found in Cairo Modern Art Museum, Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Minia Museum, Royal Museum of Jordan in Amman, and the national Museum of Tunisia. His works can also be found in private collections in Egypt, Jordan, German, Italy, England, Denmark, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. He received the Alexandria University and the Ministry of Higher Education’s prize for all Egyptian Universities, and the Salon prize of ‘Fekr Wa Fan’ Gallery.

Nazir Tanbouli

Nazir Tanbouli is the co-founder of Studio75. He is primarily a painter, and also works in mural painting, drawing and book art. He is a native of Alexandria Egypt and attended Alexandria University Faculty of Fine Art. Nazir won the Salon Drawing Prize and participated in many national and international exhibitions and biennials. Moving to the UK, he did an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art. Nazir lives and works in London.

the paint factory

Naz got cracking on another huge mural project. In 2012 he made THE KING’S LAND on the Kingsland Estate, making the biggest “street art” project made by one artist, in Lonodn. Maybe the UK.

With the new gig, THE PAINT FACTORY, Naz is making what is certainly one of the biggest single interior murals in London, if not the biggest. Four and a half  floors, plus the massive vestibule of Fitzroy House, a building in Dalston.

It’s part of the old Reeves Artist Materials complex, now Bootstrap Company, Arcola Theatre, Cafe OTO etc.

Naz practices mural painting as fine art, and THE PAINT FACTORY is a freeform painting, of the sort he also does on canvas.




KROM at the Yellow Wall, presented by Studio75

Sculpture, drawing, street art,installations…

Bulgarian-born, London-based Krom Balgesky creates powerful and dramatic shapes and structures that interpret the convergence of Balkan folk motifs with archetypal images and contemporary fears and wonders.

Krom is the founder of the first Bulgarian art group in London – “The Cleaners” and is exhibiting around London, in the gallery and on the street.



Our very good friend KROM has just made a mural in Dalston, in the street-art park at Bootstrap – it’s a car park given over to streetart.

KROM’s piece stands out like a beacon! You can see part of it from Kingsland Road.

krom5 krom4 krom3 krom2 kromwall

KROM was assisted by fellow artist DESI

KROM and DESI exhibited at Studio75 in May as THE CLEANERS

More about KROM:


Orientophobia at Hackney Downs Studios

Nazir Tanbouli’s exhibition of large scale drawings, Orientophobia, was exhibited at Hackney Downs studios throughout May.



As well, BBC Arabic came down and did a short piece about the show, you can see it here. It’s in Arabic, but you can see most of the Orientophobia show in some detail.