Studio75 is alive

Maybe you popped by Studio75 on the Kingsland Estate in Laburnum st recently and discovered to your surprise (horror?) that there is just  a hole in the ground where the studio and its amazing murals used to be.

yes, the building at Hebden Court is gone…!!

but there are still things happening

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Nazir Tanbouli in Dubai UAE

Nazir Tanbouli in Dubai UAE sponsored by the British Council’s Art in Public Realm initiative.


the paint factory

Naz got cracking on another huge mural project. In 2012 he made THE KING’S LAND on the Kingsland Estate, making the biggest “street art” project made by one artist, in Lonodn. Maybe the UK.

With the new gig, THE PAINT FACTORY, Naz is making what is certainly one of the biggest single interior murals in London, if not the biggest. Four and a half  floors, plus the massive vestibule of Fitzroy House, a building in Dalston.

It’s part of the old Reeves Artist Materials complex, now Bootstrap Company, Arcola Theatre, Cafe OTO etc.

Naz practices mural painting as fine art, and THE PAINT FACTORY is a freeform painting, of the sort he also does on canvas.




Orientophobia at Hackney Downs Studios

Nazir Tanbouli’s exhibition of large scale drawings, Orientophobia, was exhibited at Hackney Downs studios throughout May.



As well, BBC Arabic came down and did a short piece about the show, you can see it here. It’s in Arabic, but you can see most of the Orientophobia show in some detail.



Several Skeletons, from the same closet


Studio75’s final project

Several Skeletons from the Same Closet

Nazir Tanbouli

It is now the beginning of 2013 and it is time to look back on the last two years of Studio75. I started the studio with my wife, film-maker Gillian McIver, in January 2011. We wanted to create an artist-led space for both production of our own work, and for creating small exhibitions with different artists. These last two years have been exceptional. The studio has also been influential for most of the artists who have worked with us. A small ground floor studio flat in a council block became a cultural hub and a Bohemian refuge, gathering in a broad variety of people, artists and audiences.

However as you may already be aware, the physical space of Studio75 will soon cease to exist, as the whole block will be pulled down. Actually it should have gone almost 3 months ago, but for building delays.

Yet Studio75 will continue to exist, as a network of artist, friends, as an online organisation and presence until we find a new venue, and as an active inspiring framework.

Given that the Studio is in its last weeks, I would like to use the remaining time to share with you the bigger bulk of the work that I have produced here. Regardless what you may think you’ve seen from me in the last two years, it is only a fraction of what I’ve been doing. It’s time to let the skeletons out of the closet, and allow them to dance!


Therefore, I would like to invite you to visit Studio75. Every Saturday from 12 – 6 will be presented a different collection, exhibited for only one day.

Nazir Tanbouli 1.1.2013.